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Smartphone Addiction – Part I

By Dr. Eva Fisher, c. Psych. How your Smartphone trained your brain. Smartphones are smarter than you are. Really. What’s the last time you got a notification and simply ignored it? Bet you couldn’t keep concentrating until you checked it out. There’s no shame in it, your Smartphone really wants you addicted. It’s deliberately designed [...]

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Cory, a veteran police officer, draws his gun just as a bullet whizzes through his hair, grazing his scalp. Emma, a bank employee freezes when a gunman holds her hostage for several hours in the safe room. Anthony, a military officer in Afghanistan, runs through crossfire to retrieve the corpses of his buddies. [...]

Anxious Moms, Anxious Kids

“Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself” -Kalil Gibran From the moment they realize they are pregnant, women often shift from being “me” to being a “mom-and-child”. This is re-enforced through the early years, and most mothers feel both pride and pangs of separation when [...]

Online dating facts and fictions 2015

In the 2012 Quebec film Roméo Eleven, a shy young man with cerebral palsy and a slight limp poses as a successful businessman in an evolving romance with an online girlfriend.  In real life, he is a part-time bus boy at his father’s restaurant.  Online he tells his girlfriend that important business trips and client [...]

The tight grasp of hoarding

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” -Henry David Thoreau Many of us hold onto things that we don’t need. Even the most organized person might have a drawer full of expiring coupons, another full of little shampoo bottles from hotels, a basement full of souvenirs from childhood or [...]

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Cutting Remarks

It takes a lifetime to learn how to handle disappointment, and being a teenager doesn’t help much when things get rough. I was wondering what would cause a beautiful, smart 15 year old like Briana to get a pack of her dad’s razors and some disinfecting lotion from the medicine cabinet and deliberately carve small [...]

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