Online dating facts and fictions 2015

In the 2012 Quebec film Roméo Eleven, a shy young man with cerebral palsy and a slight limp poses as a successful businessman in an evolving romance with an online girlfriend.  In real life, he is a part-time bus boy at his father’s restaurant.  Online he tells his girlfriend that important business trips and client [...]

Teenage Depression

Under the stereotype of teenage angst, teenagers often claim to be misunderstood, but parents should be careful not to misinterpret signs of teenage depression as a bad mood that will pass with time. Untreated depression can have severe negative consequences on a person’s life, so take time to investigate any serious and significant mood changes. [...]

The Truth About Lying

A woman may lie to avoid hurting her partner, or to avoid a conflict. But why then, would a woman in an open marriage withhold the truth when it’s okay to stray? People who lie when they could as easily be truthful, are lying out of habit. Instead of a once-in-a-while reaction, lying is their [...]

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