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Whiz Kids

Less than two per cent of children are considered to be gifted based on population norms. In fact, there is no formal agreement among psychologists and educators on what exactly defines giftedness, although it does tend to be genetically linked and there are some identifying markers. For example, from the first year of life children [...]

Impulsive and impatient? Maybe you’re living with adult ADHD

John, a 32-year-old man, works as a courier. He loves activities that are fast like white water rafting, off-road motor biking and speed boating. His IQ tests show that he is in the Very Superior level of intelligence, but he has a history of changing jobs often, saying he becomes bored and restless. […]

Emotional intelligence

Most people have some connection with their feelings.  They can talk about their emotions and make sense of them. But some people are very removed from their feelings.  They don’t easily find words for their emotions, and can’t make sense of them. Their behavior suggests that they don’t have any feelings. They are emotion suppressors. [...]

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