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Whiz Kids

Less than two per cent of children are considered to be gifted based on population norms. In fact, there is no formal agreement among psychologists and educators on what exactly defines giftedness, although it does tend to be genetically linked and there are some identifying markers. For example, from the first year of life children [...]

Cutting Remarks

It takes a lifetime to learn how to handle disappointment, and being a teenager doesn’t help much when things get rough. I was wondering what would cause a beautiful, smart 15 year old like Briana to get a pack of her dad’s razors and some disinfecting lotion from the medicine cabinet and deliberately carve small [...]

The anatomy of an upset

Eugene was having a bad day.  On the way to work, some idiot cut him off, then another stupid person slipped ahead into a prime parking spot, making him late for work, which he hated.  If you could be a fly on the wall of Eugene’s mind, you might hear these thoughts buzzing through his [...]

Teenage Depression

Under the stereotype of teenage angst, teenagers often claim to be misunderstood, but parents should be careful not to misinterpret signs of teenage depression as a bad mood that will pass with time. Untreated depression can have severe negative consequences on a person’s life, so take time to investigate any serious and significant mood changes. [...]

Bye-bye to Bullying

Eleven-year-old Josie came home from school, went to the basement and hung herself. Fortunately, the rope broke. Her mother brought her to my office soon after she found Josie crying in her room.  She said that she didn’t want to go to school anymore.  There were kids that taunted her by calling her names, told [...]

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Victims and victimizers

Tricia spoiled good things that happened. At last she had everything she ever wanted:  marriage, a beautiful house and a sweet baby girl.  But she was unhappy. As a child, she had come to believe that good things never last. As a teenager, she fought with her controlling father, slamming the front door and not [...]

Love and revenge

Revenge lives between love and hate. Love brings out our highest instincts such as putting others’ needs before our own.  When love brings disappointment or pain, however, people who cannot integrate feelings of love with hate toward the same person must split these feelings so that where love was, hate lives.  The formerly loved person is cast [...]

Venting and anger management

Pop psychology tries to describe people as kitchen appliances needing a vent.  An appealing idea, but unfortunately, wrong.  People are much more complicated than pressure cookers that need to blow off steam. The fact is that screaming, punching a pillow, or other kinds of “venting” do not help people become healthy, and can actually contribute [...]

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