Couples Troubles

Many couples enjoy the change of pace that summer brings. Vacations, musical festivals, cottage getaways with family and lots of outdoor BBQs are occasions to enjoy life and create happy memories. But these can also be times when relationship troubles are camouflaged, then dealt with later. Is this you? Sad but true, a time to [...]

Wealth Addiction

We all know about drug, tobacco and alcohol addictions, but addictions can latch onto almost any behaviour. Even activities that seem healthy like eating, exercising and working can transform into addictions. While you can define addiction in different ways, one of the best definitions is “the continued repetition of behavior despite adverse consequences (Bettinardi-Angres, 2008).” [...]

Big or strong: the ego difference

Harry and Andrew share many similarities.  Both are leaders in their field and high achievers at work. Both men accidentally discovered their wives online with male friends; they had made travel plans to meet with them. But their similarities end here. Harry’s first reaction was anger, but soon he calmed down and realized that he [...]

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Food and sex: pleasure and anxiety

The session was well into the second hour, and Jen once again brought up how hurt she’d felt when her husband Dan insisted she’d put too much spice in the pasta sauce. Dan was angry that she had forgotten that spicy food gave him indigestion.  He accused her of being inconsiderate. She in turn felt [...]

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