Understanding and managing misbehaviour in children

It’s hard to find a catchy title for an article about child-rearing, and many parenting books can put you to sleep before you finish the prologue. That’s probably because the best parenting books are simply about common sense ways to manage misbehaving children. After some time in the Parent & Child section of the local [...]

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Anxious Moms, Anxious Kids

“Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself” -Kalil Gibran From the moment they realize they are pregnant, women often shift from being “me” to being a “mom-and-child”. This is re-enforced through the early years, and most mothers feel both pride and pangs of separation when [...]

Back to School Parenting 2015

It’s always surprising when, in the middle of summer, big-box stores suddenly display stacks of back-to-school supplies on their shelves.  They remind us that lounging afternoons with friends and enjoying summer BBQs will soon be replaced with back to school preparations. For parents Back to School 2015 means getting tighter with kids’ bedtimes and routines, [...]

Growing Concerns: Mental Health of University Students

Warren was nervous in the car on the way home from the airport after being kicked out of university. Warren could tell his dad was furious. The silence, the set of his jaw, the way he drove the car faster than usual all the way home. He didn’t need his dad to remind him  how [...]

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All Work and No play

If you’re like me, you enjoy watching children at play and no matter where you are in the modern world you would see one of these scenes in a typical kindergarten class. Two children want to play with a certain toy at the same time.  After a brief argument one of them suggests they take [...]

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Whiz Kids

Less than two per cent of children are considered to be gifted based on population norms. In fact, there is no formal agreement among psychologists and educators on what exactly defines giftedness, although it does tend to be genetically linked and there are some identifying markers. For example, from the first year of life children [...]

Teenage Depression

Under the stereotype of teenage angst, teenagers often claim to be misunderstood, but parents should be careful not to misinterpret signs of teenage depression as a bad mood that will pass with time. Untreated depression can have severe negative consequences on a person’s life, so take time to investigate any serious and significant mood changes. [...]

Depression in Children

For a long time it was assumed that children lacked the emotional maturity to experience depression, even though most children feel down at times. Today, children are the fastest growing group diagnosed with depression. It is estimated that two percent of children under 12 struggle with depressive symptoms, and that Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) can [...]

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