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Couples Troubles

Many couples enjoy the change of pace that summer brings. Vacations, musical festivals, cottage getaways with family and lots of outdoor BBQs are occasions to enjoy life and create happy memories. But these can also be times when relationship troubles are camouflaged, then dealt with later. Is this you? Sad but true, a time to [...]

Sexting the one you love

Justin returned from a business trip earlier than expected.  As he unpacked his suitcase he heard his wife, Ashley’s cell phone ringing.  He picked it up out of curiosity. He didn’t expect to find a sexting message from an unknown man with genital photos in full display.  Scrolling through the history, he found photos of [...]

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Infidelity in a long distance relationship

In long-distance relationships there is an illusion of closeness, partly because of the small amounts of physical time together. Many long-distance couples consider themselves to be a perfect couple in an imperfect situation. Yet, as we know, there is no such thing as a perfect couple and when the pair reunites and reality clashes with [...]

Internet time: online or mainline?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  If your answer includes checking an Internet device, you may be one in a growing number of Internet addicts worldwide.  Many people today spend a significant portion of their waking time online. In a recent Neilsenwire survey, respondents reported spending more than one third of their [...]

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Facebook depression

Facebook depression is a new phenomenon[1] that the American Association of Pediatrics has identified.  According to the authors of the study “The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families,” there are many dangers for teens online and Facebook acts as a gateway to them. Samuel is a teenager whose parents were divorced when he [...]

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Texting: The new long-distance relationship?

Lisa reached for another tissue in my office while glancing at her Blackberry. “Why didn’t he tell me in person?” she asked.  “Why did he have to tell me it was over in a text message?”  After three months of dating her new boyfriend, Craig, she was heartbroken and tearful, trying to make sense of [...]