Major Mental Disorders

/Major Mental Disorders

Cutting Remarks

It takes a lifetime to learn how to handle disappointment, and being a teenager doesn’t help much when things get rough. I was wondering what would cause a beautiful, smart 15 year old like Briana to get a pack of her dad’s razors and some disinfecting lotion from the medicine cabinet and deliberately carve small [...]

The anatomy of an upset

Eugene was having a bad day.  On the way to work, some idiot cut him off, then another stupid person slipped ahead into a prime parking spot, making him late for work, which he hated.  If you could be a fly on the wall of Eugene’s mind, you might hear these thoughts buzzing through his [...]

Sadly Single

There are worse things than being young and single. Your twenties can be a time for exploration, reaching career goals, and self-discovery, but for someone with dependent personality disorder it’s nearly impossible to enjoy independence. While everyone has times where they look to an intimate partner for advice, dependent personalities solicit comfort that goes far [...]

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Mania and matrimony

Most people begin therapy hoping to change their own behavior. Others are depressed from trying to change someone else’s. Fanny sat on the edge of the sofa in my treatment room, clasping and unclasping her fingers.  “My family doctor thought I should talk to someone” she said, looking at the floor.  She was the kind [...]

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Borderline personality disorder – pushing boundaries

Gloria, a 23-year old young woman, is used to getting her own way. She has learned that she can get it by screaming, accusations, and angry mood swings.  When she is not angry at someone in her family, she often focuses on someone who has been mean to her in the past.  Exploitative and manipulative, [...]

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