Gender Differences in the Therapy Room

Talking about gender differences is sure to result in strong opinions and feelings, and there are times when arguing about gender differences will even result in a call to a psychologist. In the early days of living together, Nina and Andrew looked like poster children for New Millennium relationships. Theirs was a relationship of equals [...]

The anatomy of an upset

Eugene was having a bad day.  On the way to work, some idiot cut him off, then another stupid person slipped ahead into a prime parking spot, making him late for work, which he hated.  If you could be a fly on the wall of Eugene’s mind, you might hear these thoughts buzzing through his [...]

Wealth Addiction

We all know about drug, tobacco and alcohol addictions, but addictions can latch onto almost any behaviour. Even activities that seem healthy like eating, exercising and working can transform into addictions. While you can define addiction in different ways, one of the best definitions is “the continued repetition of behavior despite adverse consequences (Bettinardi-Angres, 2008).” [...]

A full life as an Empty-nester

Those feelings of sadness when your children leave home are commonly referred to as empty nest syndrome. Women are often affected by this stage of life, which coincides with menopause and other stressors. When children no longer need consistent attention, many women find themselves having to care for their elderly parents. Children leaving home can [...]

Dating as a Gay

The struggle with sexual identity involves discovering who you are, what you want and learning how or if you could fit into a couple. Regardless of age when you’re ready for dating it is a way of coming out to yourself about what you truly need. The average coming out for gay teens is now [...]

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Fathers and families

Rich entered treatment at the age of 41, shortly after his divorce.  Married for 14 years, with two children, he felt “depleted and empty” by the demands of running his own business. He had achieved success by hard work and determination, but could not shake a deep sense of guilt and shame for leaving his [...]

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Impulsive and impatient? Maybe you’re living with adult ADHD

John, a 32-year-old man, works as a courier. He loves activities that are fast like white water rafting, off-road motor biking and speed boating. His IQ tests show that he is in the Very Superior level of intelligence, but he has a history of changing jobs often, saying he becomes bored and restless. […]

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