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Couples Troubles

Many couples enjoy the change of pace that summer brings. Vacations, musical festivals, cottage getaways with family and lots of outdoor BBQs are occasions to enjoy life and create happy memories. But these can also be times when relationship troubles are camouflaged, then dealt with later. Is this you? Sad but true, a time to [...]

Online dating facts and fictions 2015

In the 2012 Quebec film Roméo Eleven, a shy young man with cerebral palsy and a slight limp poses as a successful businessman in an evolving romance with an online girlfriend.  In real life, he is a part-time bus boy at his father’s restaurant.  Online he tells his girlfriend that important business trips and client [...]

Sexual Arousal and Desire

Sexual arousal and desire in long-term relationships are always hot topics.  Everyone has different needs, wants, likes, annoyances and patterns which can be fragile and hard to talk about or even understand. Individuals in couples have to deal with not only their own complicated sexuality, but also with that of their partners and synchronizing the [...]

Infidelity in a long distance relationship

In long-distance relationships there is an illusion of closeness, partly because of the small amounts of physical time together. Many long-distance couples consider themselves to be a perfect couple in an imperfect situation. Yet, as we know, there is no such thing as a perfect couple and when the pair reunites and reality clashes with [...]

Dating as a Gay

The struggle with sexual identity involves discovering who you are, what you want and learning how or if you could fit into a couple. Regardless of age when you’re ready for dating it is a way of coming out to yourself about what you truly need. The average coming out for gay teens is now [...]

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Loving and leaving

With the holidays approaching, many couples are asking whether they should break off their dead-end relationship now, or stay together through the holidays and end it afterwards. “December is break-up bonanza, at least according to a Facebook survey by David McCandles and Lee Byron, designers who tracked the words “break-up” and “broken up” across 10,000 [...]

Single under the mistletoe

Many single people dread the holidays and fear spending time alone during this emotionally charged season.  At family gatherings, they are often asked about their love life.  They feel they have to provide reasons or excuses about why they are still single. They feel that being single doesn’t measure up to societal expectations and they [...]

Food and sex: pleasure and anxiety

The session was well into the second hour, and Jen once again brought up how hurt she’d felt when her husband Dan insisted she’d put too much spice in the pasta sauce. Dan was angry that she had forgotten that spicy food gave him indigestion.  He accused her of being inconsiderate. She in turn felt [...]

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