Couples Troubles

Many couples enjoy the change of pace that summer brings. Vacations, musical festivals, cottage getaways with family and lots of outdoor BBQs are occasions to enjoy life and create happy memories. But these can also be times when relationship troubles are camouflaged, then dealt with later. Is this you? Sad but true, a time to [...]

Sexual Arousal and Desire

Sexual arousal and desire in long-term relationships are always hot topics.  Everyone has different needs, wants, likes, annoyances and patterns which can be fragile and hard to talk about or even understand. Individuals in couples have to deal with not only their own complicated sexuality, but also with that of their partners and synchronizing the [...]

Dealing with Dating Post-divorce

It’s highly uncommon to leave a marriage revelling in new found freedom; instead most people find themselves wrestling with difficult losses. Not only is the person you loved lost but also your life’s direction has been drastically derailed. Many people leave a lot of who they were at the door when they enter into married [...]

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The neo-modern couple

When Mary and Mike got married, they planned a relationship based on equality. They believed that their marriage would be different and better than their parents’ marriage in every way: they both had graduate degrees and high salaries; they were both pursuing career ambitions.  They equally shared the load in preparing meals, housecleaning and caring [...]

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The end of marriage?

“Marriage has changed more in the last 50 years than in the past 5,000. Yet many cling to traditions that evolved among our farming ancestors,” writes psychologist, Dr. Helen Fisher (no relation) in an article titled, “Is marriage dead” on the website  She writes that at that time, marriage was simply a way to [...]

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Illusions about marriage

Chloe and Steve had lived together happily for six years so they decided to get married.   In their wedding pictures, their smiles looked as if they would be in love forever and live happily ever after. However, with the arrival of their daughter, and a second child the following year, came mortgage payments, obligations of [...]

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Food and sex: pleasure and anxiety

The session was well into the second hour, and Jen once again brought up how hurt she’d felt when her husband Dan insisted she’d put too much spice in the pasta sauce. Dan was angry that she had forgotten that spicy food gave him indigestion.  He accused her of being inconsiderate. She in turn felt [...]

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