What are the signs of Smartphone Addiction?

By Dr Eva Fisher C Psych

In case you haven’t noticed, there are definitely warning signs of Smartphone overuse. Most people easily admit that they are “addicted” to their Smartphone simply because they are so dependent on this one little device that connects them to the outside world from the minute they wake up to the moment their eyes close.

Smartphones help us stay in touch with family, check in with friends, keep all their work info and contacts in one place, instant message, facetime, social media, music, news and everything else going on in the near and distant world.

So, are you a Smartphone Addict?

Let’s look at the signs. Are you:

Increasing amounts of time spent on your Smartphone, and less time with others?

Compulsively having to check your Smartphone;

Finding it impossible to ignore an alert on your Smartphone;

Spending more and more money on Smartphone data plans, online gaming, freemium apps, apps, Accessories, protective cases, etc?;

Using your Smartphone while driving your car despite laws prohibiting such activity?;

Finding all or almost all your upsets happen from events involving your Smartphone;

Near-death experiences like almost getting hit by a car while wearing your device earbuds;

Going to sleep with your Smartphone under your pillow, beside your bed;

Using your Smartphone to help you fall asleep;

Using your Smartphone when you can’t sleep;

Getting into conflicts with your close family, friends, romantic partners because you’re always using your Smartphone and ignoring them;

Having to check your Smartphone when you’re in a session with your therapist;

If you answered yes to two or more or these signs, it would be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a psychologist.